There is great storytelling in this country that we are not talking about!
— Beth Janson providing an overview on what we need to do to elevate the profile of Canadian content


Canada Crush episode 09 is with Beth Janson, the CEO of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. This is a feel good Canadian story on so many levels. Beth had spent close to 20 years in New York City where she rose to prominence as the Executive Director of the Tribeca Film Institute. But now she’s back in Canada leading the charge to revamp and revitalize the academy. We sat down in Beth’s offices and I start this interview talking to Beth about her work in the US and how she plans to use that experience in the development of new and exciting programming here in Canada. We then dive into topics around gender equality and expanding the opportunities for Canadians in all forms of media.  This is an exciting time for Canadians in the arts as we drive for better recognition and more viewing of Canadian Content. And having Beth’s voice as a significant contributor is spectacular.

Welcome home Beth!

Here are some inspiring and informative moments from the Beth Janson interview:

·       What took Beth to New York City (4:30)

·       Business skills evolving (5:40)

·       Wants to apologize to all former bosses for impatience in wanting to make change (8:00)

·       Tribeca Film Festival was formed as a reaction to 9/11 (10:00)

·       How does it feel to be back in Canada (13:30)

·       How do we get people to watch more Canadian content (15:30)

·       Ideas for change and taking action (16:35)

·       Programming for mentorship is being looked at (21:40)

·       You wouldn’t have had a Weekend or Drake anywhere else in the world (23:00)

·       We are not doing well in diversity but positive change is happening (24:45)


Keep Crushing it Canada,

Dave Morris, Host






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