Chilina Kennedy reflects on life and playing the lead on Broadway in Beautiful, the inspiring true story of Carol King’s rise to stardom.

Be yourself, be who you are and then you will be surprised at how many people love you for it.

Carol King made 25 albums and her album sales are estimated at over 25 million worldwide. When it came time to cast the lead in her life story, Beautiful: The Carol King Musical, Carol looked to today’s guest, Canadian Chilina Kennedy to play this incredible role on Broadway.

Chilina Kennedy was born into an army family which travelled the globe in her formative years. This early life experience forced Chilina to be constantly meeting and engaging in new friendships as her family moved from city to city, country to country. She took to an early love of music and dance and eventually ended up acting and immersed herself in these three disciplines. It served her well as her musical theatre credits mounted across Canada and the United States, prior to her landing the lead role in Beautiful.

I had met and worked with Chilina in Toronto through a mutual interest we had in a theatre project, but this interview is the first time I’d had to really explore the personality behind this explosive performer. As you will hear in the interview, Chilina is engaging, reflective in all of her answers and totally present in conversation. This is a great interview for anyone trying to figure out how to move their careers forward and how to balance the constant demands of work and personal life.

Noteworthy Questions Asked:

  • With the roaring success of “Beautiful,” does Chilina pinch herself? (2:10)
  • How does Chilina stay present amidst her busy schedule? (4:50)
  • How does a role in Broadway materialize (5:39)
  • Having moved a lot as a child, did the arts become an outlet for Chilina? (15:30)
  • How does Chilina handle criticism in a notoriously cut-throat industry? (18:52)
  • How has Chilina’s confidence grown since staring on “Beautiful”? (19:54)
  • Having made it in New York, how does Chilina view the arts community in Canada? (22:06)

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How meditation, focus and perspective are the secret to staying present
  • How to overcome rejection and criticism - in both the arts and everyday life
  • The secret to finding your passion and doing what you love in life (the materialization of a lead role on Broadway)
  • How to juggle life’s stressors and demands (for Chilina: Broadway, raising a young child and producing an album)

The Takeaway: A motto to live by; ‘Be yourself, be authentic to yourself’
Keep Crushing it Canada,
Dave Morris, Host


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