Dan Shulman:
Canadian Broadcast Icon

Work your tail off, nobody is going to give you anything. Follow your dreams, but go after it hard.
— Dan Shulman reflecting on his own work ethic while sharing advice to others on how to succeed.

Canada Crush episode 07 features an interview with Dan Shulman a Canadian Broadcast icon with the American network ESPN as well as the Canadian Network Sportsnet. Shulman serves as a play-by-play announcer for ESPN’s men’s college basketball coverage and Sunday Night Baseball as well as post-season coverage on ESPN Radio. Shulman will be calling a number of Toronto Blue Jay games for Sportsnet during the 2017 season.

This Canada Crush episode is one I am thrilled to be able to share with you! From the moment Dan Shulman went to air covering sports as a student at the University of Western Ontario, he knew he loved it but in his own words he ‘wasn’t sure he had the guts to pursue it’. But did he ever find the guts! And while this conversation covers a ton of sports, from the Blue Jays to the Raptors to college basketball and so much more, a significant amount of our conversation stayed with me after we shut the microphones down. Again, in his own words, Dan is a fiercely proud Canadian. He understands his strengths and his weaknesses and sets an unwavering course to succeed in his chosen profession. A truly remarkable lesson for all of us! Dan Shulman is still that young fan at heart, who gets excited when his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs are playing well…and they are playing well now! And then there is that voice. At least twice in our conversation I placed my notes at my side and just listened…Dan Shulman is a family man, he’s a kind man and he’s a truly inspiring Canadian and I hope you enjoy this interview.

A few Dan Shulman gems from the interview:

  • As a kid, Dan dreamed sports, sports and more sports (2:20)
  • Reality kicked in at your University and he thought he would be an Accountant (5:20)
  • His parents emphasised extra-curricular activities…which opened the door to broadcasting (7:20)
  • Advice to his own children…follow their dreams, but work hard (11:10)
  • His grandfather would drive 40 miles to hear his early broadcasts (11:50)
  • Became lead announcer for Blue Jays at 28 (15:45)
  • ‘If the opportunity is in my lane, I can get it’ (17:10)
  • 32 years old and lead announcer at ESPN (23:40)
  • "Sliding doors of opportunity and lady luck was on my shoulder” (24:40)
  • How the Blue Jays can win in 2017 (35:00)
  • ‘Those guys are on our team’ referring to the spectacular play of the leafs (38:00)


Keep Crushing it Canada,
Dave Morris, Host


Connect with Dan Shulman on Twitter: @DShulman_ESPN


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