10 minutes a day of Mindfulness is like going to the gym for the brain!
— Jacqueline Carter providing a wonderful description of the effectiveness of Mindfulness.


Canada Crush episode 10 is with Jacqueline Carter, author, business leader and world expert on Mindfulness and Mindfulness training in the corporate world. This interview is full of facts and figures and the science behind Mindfulness Training. We dig into the ABC’s of how to get started on your own journey of Mindfulness as well as exploring numerous examples of the work Jacqueline and her colleagues have undertaken in some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations. Companies like Google and Royal Bank continue to use Mindfulness Training as part of their leadership programing.

This interview took place about 4 weeks ago from the date of this entry and I’ve worked daily to incorporate Mindfulness into my own life. The seeds of success are already sprouting. In moments of stressful decision-making, I’ve taken the opportunity to breathe and not react as quickly as I might have in the past and that’s been a really good thing! A daily dose of 10 minutes has given me a fresher perspective and a newfound calmness. And I suspect I’m only just scratching the surface of the many benefits yet to come!

Here are some inspiring and informative moments from the Jacqueline Carter interview:

·       Understanding the nature of your own brain and learning how to master it  (2:40)

·       Our brains are naturally developed for Attention Deficient Disorder (4:40)

·       We can train our minds to be more attentive (7:20)

·       Action Addiction: There is a difference between activity and productivity (9:30)

·       It’s like going to the gym for the brain  (14:15)

·       Google has embraced Mindfulness! (15:15)

·       Learn the ABC’s of Mindfulness (18:00)

·       Getting rid of negative thoughts (26:15)

·       It even works in the oil fields! (31:30)

·       What makes good leaders effective (45:00)


Keep Crushing it Canada,

Dave Morris, Host






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