A Canadian Recipe for Success:
Gift + Issue = Change

Understanding what makes our country great and how are we going to make the next 150 years significant.
— Marc Kielburger describing the WE Are Canada initiative that is rolling out to over 7,000 schools across Canada.

Canada Crush episode 05 features an interview with Marc Kielburger, co-founder of the WE Movement and a global leader in social entrepreneurship. 

This early morning conversation took place in Marc’s office and while we were setting up the equipment, I couldn’t help but take in the pictures on the wall of Marc and his brother Craig. There with an endless array of world leaders, world champions from Justin Trudeau to Al Gore, Gorbachev, Jesse Jackson and the Clintons. His degree from Harvard, a Rhodes Scholar and law degree from Oxford also adorns the wall of his office. Although this interview is with Marc Kielburger, it’s not about Marc Kielburger in anyway as you will hear when Marc speaks. The work he and the WE Movement are doing is about empowering young people around the globe to become socially responsible, to take a leadership position in their schools and in their communities and to influence positive change.

What an inspiring Canadian Marc Kielburger is. Please enjoy this Canada Crush episode…

Noteworthy Questions Asked:

  • At the ages of 12 and 17, how do you come to a decision to effect positive social change? (2:50)
  • What influences did you have growing up? (5:30)
  • How do you keep the passion going through all these years? (9:10)
  • If you could pick one world problem to solve, what would it be? (15:00)
  • What is the most amazing aspect of being Canadian? (24:30)

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How 2 young boys from Canada have made an impact on the world stage
  • Mentors like Richard Branson have helped shape the WE Organization
  • Apathy and a generation of bystanders is the biggest issue worth tackling
  • Compassion is both an inherent characteristic and a leaned behaviour

The Takeaway: Compassion and passion are closely linked and necessary to influence social change. Canada has the opportunity and the infrastructure to become world leaders in a social change movement and as Marc clearly states “What the world needs now, is more Canada”.




Connect With Marc & WE Movement: Website | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram

Keep Crushing it Canada,
Dave Morris, Host

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