It’s primetime for Canadian Primetime!
— Peter Keleghan gives notice that Canadians are being viewed globally as much more than just Beaver Tails and Plaid Shirts!



Canada Crush episode 08 is an in-depth conversation with the superbly talented and engaging Canadian actor, Peter Keleghan. Peter is an 18-time Gemini Award Nominee, 5-time winner, 2014 Canadian Screen Award winner, and he received the ACTRA award of excellence in 2009. Peter is currently acting on 4 television shows on air. 

We were familiar with Peter from his extensive body of work which includes the Red Green Show, The Newsroom, Murdoch Mysteries and Made in Canada, but what really caught our eye was a documentary that Peter recently completed for CBC called 'The Immigrant', a story that follows his mother’s journey back to her Irish roots at the age of 90! This piece was heavily seasoned with a ton of feel-good Canadiana and as we dug into Peter’s recent endeavours we were pleasantly surprised to see what an amazing advocate he is for Canada. His love for his country is immense and he is continually working to influence positive change for Canadian content. This was a fascinating conversation with an Inspiring Canadian Doing Exceptional Things..

Here are some great moments from the Peter Keleghan interview:

·       He thought Canada Crush was a soft drink! (2:40)
·       Being a Pilot was his chosen path. (3:45)
·       Shyness as a child was like a fog that enveloped his body (7:40)
·       An early movie role has become a skeleton in the closet  (11:40)
·       'The Immigrant' documentary for CBC was in celebration of his mom’s 90th birthday (17:00)
·       Red Green and The Newsroom work (20:00)
·       Passionate about Canada…’it’s primetime for Canadian Primetime (26:41)
·       What makes Canada so great! (28:40)
·       Playing a romantic lead (34:20)


Keep Crushing it Canada,

Dave Morris, Host



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