“Follow your passion, it's good medicine, it's good inspiration!”

- Josh Finlayson on staying fresh as a band

Canadians have never been afraid of hard work
— Andy Maize explains one of the reasons Canadians have done so well in the international music scene.

Make no mistake, Canadian roots rock band Skydiggers are a business success story. How else do you survive over 35 years together, while the carnage of musical bands during that period is too many to mention? What keeps these Canadian trail-blazers refreshed to produce new music for a 17th album? Is there a way to hack success in the music business? How do they stay great friends and business partners? What’s next for this band? These were many of the questions I had prepared prior to sitting down with Andy Maize and Josh Finlayson on a hot summer day in Toronto.

I’ve been a fan of the band for years. The way Andy Maize is able to perform complicated lyrics, making them sound so smooth and fresh. While Josh Finlayson’s seamless and effortless playing and music leadership, makes a live viewing of these guys a real treat, but also translates beautifully on an album. As great Canadians, their body of work is peppered with travels and stories gleamed from their many years touring Canada. 

Hope you enjoy this interview. For me, it was pure delight to sit and talk with this wonderful band…. 

Noteworthy Questions Asked:
•    What was the inspiration of doing a 17th album? (5:50)
•    How was the band formed? (10:30)
•    Success? Drugs? (14:40) 
•    How does a song get shaped, is it planned or just happens? (16:50)
•    How do you want people to remember your work? (19:30)

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:
•    The ‘Answer Song’. Who knew there was such a thing in popular music
•    How being Canadian is described in one word
•    Respect, friendship, love and curiosity are the pillars to a lasting business relationship
•    Songwriting isn’t always planned, sometimes it just happens!
•    Being part of a bigger community of people is critical to the need to belong and survive

The Takeaway: In business, just as in life, passion trumps everything else. It picks you up when you are feeling down and it drives all future success!

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Keep Crushing it Canada,
Dave Morris, Host

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